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Content Matters! Here’s Why!

I walked into the conference room of a small hotel near the LA airport. I was a sophomore in college and looking for a job. I have always had a heart desire to be a business owner. I think I mostly liked that I could own my schedule and not have someone tell me what to do. Whatever the motivation, I found myself in a conference room full of strangers. 

I was nervous. Really nervous. 

I looked around the room and saw all these “adults,” dressed in suits, holding portfolios and talking, laughing and meeting each other.  It was a networking event to meet recruiters and learn about business opportunities, industries and job openings. 

I left within 5 minutes of arriving.

I was terrified. Since I was all the way out near LAX airport (about an hour drive from my college), I went to my favorite taco place and consoled myself while I ate the best tacos in LA. But, I knew I had failed. I was disappointed in myself. I wasn’t prepared and the opportunity was gone. 

Anyone ever gone through something similar? I bet you have. We all have. 

What did I do wrong? Well…..

  • I had not prepared
  • I did not have any conversation starters 
  • I did not practice
  • I didn’t have a goal for the event
  • I did not research who was there
  • I was NOT prepared to have the conversations that I needed to have that day

But, I did end the day with some yummy tacos. (see my picture below!)

This story reminds me of how most people use Social Media and Digital Content.  

I didn’t have a plan for the event. I got scared. So, I left and ate tacos.

Most people are really uncertain that to post on social media. They don’t really have a plan or strategy.

So, they just post pictures of food. ha!  

Why am I posting this? 

Good question! Let’s get to it.

It is not meant to be a critique. This is not meant to be a judgement. 

It is meant to be sympathetic. My intentions are to help teams of people understand how and why social media can have huge benefits to any organization. 

Just like me lack of strategy at my failed networking event when I was a sophomore, without a strategy and focus, we don’t know what to do and we end of just leaving the event. 

Nothing has changed. It’s just different. 

We become a social media watcher and not a social media sharer. When we have important messages to share. We need to share them. 

When organizations have important messages to share. They need to equip their members, leaders, supporters (everyone!) to share their messages. Consistently. 

Why is strategy and consistency important? 

Content Creates Conversations

Conversations Develop Relationships

Relationships Turn Into Opportunities

Relationships begin with content (conversations, images, videos, etc. We are communicative creatures and content and conversations are the beginning of relationships. Relationships are the key to any movement or business success.

Content is the same as words, posts, videos, pictures, memes and yes, even pictures of tacos. 

So, when we post content consistently. When our content posts are mostly consistent in theme, topic or subject, they have more influence. Relationship building takes consistency and most often patience.  Although social media feels like it is just 1-way, people are watching, reading, listening and paying attention.  

If you stop posting, they stop seeing it. 

That is really what I find is the biggest challenge with content marketing and all sorts of social media forms of brand building or relationship building. Most people think that because they have not gotten “enough” thumbs up or comments that people don’t care or they are not paying attention. 

Most often, people are watching. They are waiting. They want to see if you are consistent. They are building up the courage to engage with you. It can be nerve-racking for most people to even consider commenting on someone’s post.  Give them time. 

You need to be consistent.  Don’t quit. 

This is why I build my software.  Most of us are not consistent. Most of us will quit too soon because we think no one is paying attention to us.  Our self-esteem and our ego want to scream to stop. 

If you are part of a nonprofit organization and curious how my software can help amplify your messages through ambassadors and content marketing, take a look at Yip Yip. 

If you are part of a business and want to help your leaders and sales reps grow their personal brands while you amplify the company brand, take a look at FunnelAmplified. 

It is the same software used for slightly different uses. 

But, they both seek to achieve the same goal…help the entire team with consistent “done-for-you” messages so we are all consistent, we amplify our messages through all of our social accounts, email databases and personal relationships. 

When it comes to business uses and sales, take a look at my article on FunnelAmplified on the types of content you should use to help build relationships

Or, take a look at this infographic on Zombie’s explaining modern Word-of-Mouth marketing on the Yip Yip site. 

By the way, if you are curious, I went to Tito’s Tacos in Culver City near LAX. It is still one of my favorite tacos!!  

Our whole family enjoying my favorite taco joint. (Meghan is there somewhere too!)
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