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Choosing Personal Growth

It’s hard to make a positive change in our life.

Several years ago I noticed that I was starting to get man boobs. Let’s be honest, this is a big concern for most guys that I know. It represents the ending of our fit years and moving into our “oh crap what happened to my body stage.” ha!

I made the decision to start doing pushups. I made a simple goal. I was going to do 100 pushups per day. I was trying to be easy on myself so the goal was 100 total pushups. I could do 1 at a time or I could do as many as I wanted. Collectively, I was going to do 100.

It started well for the first few days. I was motivated. I was accomplishing my daily goals. I would drop down in the office and do 10 pushups after a meeting.

I would finish a good call with a customer and in my enthusiasm I would drop down and do 15 more pushups. I was accomplishing my goal and I felt good. Bye bye man boobs!

Then it happened. The Comment. The judgement. The Look of disapproval.

The Naysayers WILL Show Up and Try to Bring You Back Down.

They Are NOT Your People. Stay Focused on the Encouragers!

The “what the heck are you doing and why do you think you are better than the rest of us” look.

Ok, maybe this person doesn’t intend for so much personal attach and judgement. Maybe they did. But, that doesn’t necessarily matter.

I took it as judgement. I took it as “why do you think you are better than us” and “I can’t believe you have the audacity to try and improve your life and think that I am not going to try to kick you back down so I feel better about my out-of-shape butt.”

You get the point, I hope.

So, here’s the deal….

When we try to improve ourselves, the first people that “show up” and join the commentary and judgers. They tend to be the people who wish they could improve their lives. They are the ones who are frustrated with areas of their own life and most likely have failed a few times making positive change.

For some reason, it makes them feel better to drag you back down to the failure level with them than to encourage you to be your best. Expect it to happen this way.

When we expect this to happen, then we take away the power they previously had in the comments, looks and rolling of the eyes.

We take the power back and not let it bother us.

We are focused. They are not our people.

Your people are those that are excited for you. They encourage you. They are motivated by you. You become an inspiration to them and that fuels you both.

I eventually got back on the my pushups routine. I kept the man boobs at bay for now. My 50 year old body is not what it use to be.

But, as my kid’s like to tell me, I don’t have a “Dad Bod”,

I am a Father Figure!

Enjoy your day.

Focus on YOUR Goals.

Find YOUR People.


– Brandon

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