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99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners & Leaders

I am working on final edits and plans to launch my first book.  Honestly, I wrote the book in 2011 but put it on the shelf while I got busy doing other projects. Being totally honest, my insecurities got the best of me and I was really not motivated to finish it or publish it. That was really silly of me but sometimes we all deal with insecurities. Something that I am much more wiling to discuss and share with other entrepreneurs now as I have gotten older.  This is an excerpt from the introduction for 99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners & Leaders.

My goal for this book is to help business leaders ask better questions!

I want to empower you to ask better questions of yourself, your business, your strategy, your employees, your industry, and your community. As the illustration demonstrates, when we ask better questions, we get better answers.

Better Questions + Better Answers = Remarkable Lives & Companies

Fortunately, the ability to ask good questions is not a unique talent, it’s the by-product of honing something we all have: our critical thinking skills. Those skills are built-in to our daily routine of processing what we encounter in every day life. When we think critically all we are really doing is asking ourselves a series of questions to gain understanding of our world and evaluate it so that we can generate solutions and make decisions.

The power of our questions determines the power of our answers!

Our goal should always be to ask more insightful questions. In doing so, we create more powerful answers that lead us to greater personal, business, and life growth. All while helping others grow in their own lives. Better, more effective questions are invaluable tools that help us live life with deeper purpose and intentionality while adding value to the lives of others we encounter every day.

As you read this book, you may respond to the content in several different ways. You may find some material elementary. That’s okay. Reviewing foundational learning is often a great reminder of how to best build your business and your life.

Some of you may read this book and be enlightened for the first time about effective, practical, and powerful business-building strategies and systems. That is fantastic. For others, the content may provide a helpful reminder of strategies that have served you well in the past, but which have since been forgotten.

Whatever your need, use this book as a reference tool for all areas of your business. I have learned throughout my career that the greatest success comes from getting the foundational elements right, then executing them with consistency and excellence. When I have arrogantly or impatiently passed through steps too quickly, that is when I have experienced the most frustration, setbacks, and disappointments. My hope for you, as you read this book, is that you will use it to develop a firm, consistent, and clear foundation for growing any business.

Once I publish the book, I will add the link so that you can purchase it or request a free copy through my website.

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