Brandon Lee


If-Then Need to be Replaced with I Am

I know that title of this may seem too deep.  I have a tendency to think this way. Let me explain. 

You may have heard me say before that our biggest strengths are also are greatest weaknesses. At least, they can be at times.  One of my greatest strengths is that I am a process or systems oriented thinker.  I am not a mechanical engineer but I think like an engineer and apply it to interpersonal and personal situations like leadership, sales and customer success. 

It is one of my greatest strengths. 

It is also one of my greatest challenges when things don’t work out the way they “are suppose to work out.”  We the logic of an “if I do this, then that will happen” doesn’t work out. My head can start to hurt. My emotions can get all out of whack and my anger and frustrations can get the best of me. We all know that life can have times that it just doesn’t make sense. I did not believe that for a long time. I believed that if I could just figure out how to do things “the right way” then i would be able to figure out what to do, when to do it and just move forward in a successful life. 

Well, that thinking sort of got my kicked in the groin a few times. Life doesn’t cooperate. 

My “If this, then that” thinking is great when I am creating software. It is good when I am creating sales systems. 

But, it is not good as an overall belief about life. It just doesn’t work that way. 

God doesn’t work that way either. 

I am learning that the Great I AM (God) is more interested in faith than logic. That makes it very hard for a very logical thinker like me. It means that “if this, then that” may be true in some circumstances but not in others. AND, there is not a rulebook that explains when the irregular situations occur. It feels random. 

I don’t like random. 

I am learning to trust God with all the “random” situations that occur in my life and for my family. I will be honest. I don’t like it. I prefer my logical understanding to work all the time. That way I can trust my behavior, my logic and therefore, myself. But, I AM has bigger plans and those plans require my faith in “If – Then” to get destroyed and my faith built on Him.  He’s got me. He says so. Even when it doesn’t feel like He does. 

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