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Digital Transformation Requires More Than Technology Upgrades

Why your “Tech Stack” is not the answer!!

In working with many companies this past year we still see one major mistake

Focusing on “technology” alone is not the answer

Far too many leaders still feel technology can solve their challenges when in fact it can actually make things significantly worse

Focusing on your people, your processes and the outcomes you want are the keys to success

Often it’s about attitudes and culture much more than the next great tech tool

If your teams are not yet digital or up to the challenge of constant change, new technology is a wasted expense

Focus on the outcome you want first, then look to see if your teams are ready for the challenge

Once these steps are taken you can begin to source and look for the new technologies that might help you reach your goals

In addition, this might be a good time to take a look at your existing tech stack to see what is not being utilized and what is, this alone will save you a lot of unnecessary costs

It is estimated that nearly one-third or 29% of existing corporate tech stacks are not being utilized…imagine cutting 29% of your current tech stack costs!!

The easy answer is more technology

The hard answer is to focus on the outcome and your teams…

Which answer are you going to choose for 2022? 

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