Brandon Lee


Question 1: What do you enjoy the most?

Too often we get caught up in the daily work and forget to pay attention to what we like the most about our work. Too often I hear people say that they don’t even remember what the like most about their roles. Here is what I have learned over the years about myself and about everyone that has worked for me and with me.

We all work better, smarter and harder when we get to do activities that we truly enjoy.  Sounds simple to me. But, how often does the work get the best of us and we slowly acquire more and more activities that are outside those that we truly love? I use the phrases energy drainers and energy gainers to help me identify the daily work that I get to do.

My goal for me and those that work around me is that we get to work 80% of the time in energy gaining activities rather than energy draining activities. I have found that if I can get 5-6 people that are all working most of the time in energy gaining activities that they become remarkable at their work. 5-6 remarkable people create a remarkable, thriving company.  Isn’t that what we all truly want?

Think about your current role. What comprises your absolute best day? On what days do you wake up before your alarm because you are so excited to start work? Imagine all the details of the day. What are you doing? Who are you with? How do you feel? Why are you so energized?

Take the time to do the Best Day exercise.  Write down and describe in as much detail as possible your absolute best work days.  The more you know yourself and what give you life and energy, the better you can lead yourself and others.

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