Brandon Lee


99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners & Leaders

I originally wrote this book in 2013. I recently updated the cover and reprinted it.

I started my first company with 2 other guys in 1997. We sold it in 2000. I started my 2nd company, By Design Publishing in 2002 and my 3rd company, Digital Lizard in 2005. I sold By Design Publishing in 2007 and Digital Lizard in 2010.

I wrote this book when I was consulting and coaching from 2010-2015. My approach to growing businesses changed in 2003 when By Design Publishing did over $1M in sales in its first year. It was exciting. I was exhausted. I had to make changes.

 I learned about EQ (Emotional Quotient), took a survey and learned quickly why I lacked energy in my day-to-day work. I should have been excited and energetic that my startup was growing so quickly. But, I was not.

This book details what I did from that point on and how I changed my approach to building companies. And my life!

If you would like to purchase my book, please use the link below. Thank you very much!

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